Montessori inspiration for parents and guides: Jacaranda Tree Montessori – Montessori does not always have to happen in a preschool!

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Does Montessori always have to be a preschool? Apparently not!  

Here is a resource I recently discovered, Jacaranda Tree Montessori

Simone Davies, from Amsterdam, runs daily Montessori classes in a parent-child format that offer a beautiful, authentic Montessori experience without all the nuances of sending your child to a group-care all-day childcare program without you.  Needless to say, I LOVE this model of Montessori education delivery; and one day I aspire to visit this beautiful place.  The Montessori Notebook blog features interviews of different families and Montessori professionals; and the website for Jacaranda Tree Montessori provides an abundance of helpful resources to learn more about how to guide your child’s development using Montessori principles.

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